Value Added Courses

Biology of the Cryosphere

The Department of Zoology has recently introduced a value-added course on “Biology of the Cryosphere.” This course focuses on studying the biological processes and ecological dynamics within frozen environments, such as polar regions, glaciers, and ice-covered ecosystems. Students enrolled in this course will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique adaptations, biodiversity, and interconnections of organisms thriving in extreme cold conditions. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical fieldwork, students will explore the intricate relationships between cryospheric environments and the organisms that inhabit them, as well as the implications of climate change on these delicate ecosystems. This value-added course not only enriches the curriculum but also equips students with specialized knowledge in an emerging field of study, preparing them for research opportunities and careers related to the conservation and management of cryospheric environments.

Environment: Concepts and Conservation

The Department of Zoology has introduced a value-added course on “Environment: Concepts and Conservation.” This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and principles related to environmental science and conservation. Through interactive lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities, students will explore various aspects of the environment, including biodiversity, ecosystems, natural resource management, pollution, climate change, and sustainable development. The course will also focus on the importance of conservation practices and the role individuals and communities can play in preserving and protecting the environment. By taking this value-added course, students will develop a strong foundation in environmental knowledge and gain practical skills that are essential for addressing pressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices in their future careers.