The Research Wing

Our MSc Biotechnology students have been utilizing the facilities of our laboratories to do their MSc Projects in Biotechnology (e.g., Transformation, Transgenics, DNA fingerprinting), Microbiology (e.g., isolation and characterization of microbes), and Biochemistry (e.g., Analyses) from 2002 when the Biotechnology programme was started. During 2006- 2007 we did a project funded by the UBCHEA on the use of DNA fingerprinting as a molecular tool for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Minor Projects

Dr. Shirley Thomas – UGC Minor Project Research Proposal was sent to UGC on June 28th, 2010. The topic for the project is “ANALYSIS OF BIORHYTHM IN MAN”.

Ms. Rima Joseph – UGC MRP on ‘A study on the effectiveness of solitary bees as pollinators when compared to honey bees in a vegetable cropland’
Year: 2014